Weekly Photos – [Reflections] – 10 November, 2019

The theme for this week is “Reflections”.

Reflections can be found in many scenes, from lights reflecting off windows to the reflections in puddles on the ground.

I thoroughly enjoy the images of reflections that can be captured after or during the rain.

The reflections in puddles that are left over from the rain are one of my favourite subjects to photograph. As the shapes of the puddles varies depending on the characteristics of the ground or surfaces, they can provide a uniquely shaped frame for any reflected images.

For reflections in windows, the type of effect that is captured depends on the amount of light from both sides of the window. In some cases, the light from one side overpowers the light from the other side, resulting in a single “scene” dominating the image in the window. Other times, both sides may be equally illuminated, thus resulting in a blend of different scenes.

The rain also brings out different effects and textures that can be used together with the reflections in a scene.

In this photo, the condensation in the window has obscured some of the baked goods inside the shop. However, the light on the right is not obscured and helps to emphasise the image of the man that is reflected in the window. The rest of the objects inside the shop create a frame around this person and make him the focus of this photo.

I hope you enjoy this week’s selection of photos.


Weekly Photos – [Lights] – 04 Nov, 2019

I noticed that I haven’t posted in a while so I figured that I should find some old photos to share. This “Weekly Photos” series will be a selection of past photos that I haven’t published and will not be as detailed as the other photography posts. I will, however, try to have a common theme between each of the images that I have selected for the week.

The theme for this week is “Light”.

In the following images, I have chosen to focus on the beauty of light and how it interacts with the environments around me.

While I try to incorporate some kind of “story” in my images, sometimes it is nice to photograph something that is simple and visually-pleasing.

The sun is the primary source of light that is found in many of the photos in this selection. When used as the main source of light for backlighting, the sun casts a warm outline on subjects.

As the sun slowly rises above or descends below the horizon during the sunrises and sunsets respectively, the indirect angle of the light can produce beautiful effects when combined with clouds and the sky itself.

The remaining image of the fireworks captures the trails of light that are painted on the nightly canvas as the fireworks explode in a harmonious fashion. The landscape in the background was illuminated by the continuous stream of fireworks above.

I hope you enjoy this week’s selection of photos.